Feature: Padraig O’Connor

Next song of the week on the way. Taking a little longer than usual. In the meantime here’s an interview I did for The Lifestyle online magazine about writing songs.

padraig-oconnor at Triskel Tavern photo by Ana Dominguez Ruiz

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The beautiful thing about Reflection and Response is that it is about experienceinteracting with as well as observing life and the cycles it presents. When it comes down to it there is a special chemistry that bonds people to their environments and likewise plugs us into a matrix of aestheticcirculation. It’s a dance—romantically passionate with a sort of rhythmic groove, a backdrop scene set by a flow or mood and daring to go wherever creativity leads you. Here, Padraig O’ Connor eases the Collective onto the dance floor of artistic expression as he spins a tale full of energy and intuition. This is great, almost reminiscent of an amazing first date. Enjoy…

Padraig O'Connor

As a songwriter, there´s a constant battle to capture those little moments of magic where you get an idea for a melody or a phrase…So the reflection is that first inspiration… your mind making…

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